It’s interesting, life. The expectations that are placed upon us, by us, by them, by we. These internal hang ups we create based on our own perceptions of what the outside want to see. Like you looking at me, thinking about what I’m thinking, looking at you, thinking about what you’re thinking looking at me. […]

I’ve learnt that one of my favourite opportunities in life, Is picking up the pieces of my broken and shattered heart, And putting it back together,  Just giving myself the time.  Using tears and late nights, To weave gold around the sharp edges, And rose petal pink glue to stick each piece in its place. […]

Hold me, Let me sink, Into your existence, Let my bones melt, My skin soften, My mouth moisten. Let me cry torrents, Saturate your being, In tears and mucous. Hold me and let me sink. Hold me. Hold me against your chest, Let me soften, Form crevices, Where your hips rest against the small off […]

A little lost in love loops, drown me in your river, don’t let me hit rock bottom, but don’t let me up for air. Hold me under,until my breath proceeds me,exceeds my growth,until it out lives my yearning.

It is days like these that have me yearning for a connection, beyond that link between moments. A connection of heart and homelands, Where song lines web our shared histories strength. Yearning for that Ulpulpe (spring time), Time of change. And after the rains when the paper flowers flood the ochre plains. Emerging out of […]

And the cycle continues, a windowless fear, diving deeper to a place she feels has to be near. The checkered moon rises, the light opaque, those moments continue as he eats his cake. Never feeling the give and take. Lessons. Learning. Moments of fright. And poised apples, that take her at night. At night when […]

What do you see reflected when you look into my eyes. Do you see reflected too far past your disguise? Past all your self inflicted lies? Or allowing too deep the healing? Bringing up boiling the deep seated feelings? Moments of peripheral meaning? Steal too much of your keening? My wide eyes beaming, straight to […]


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