Simple Breath

The simplicity of a single breath. Breathed in and out of a heavy chest. Lay your head across my breast.

Lest we forget the importance of life’s meanings and tests. That chest and that blessing of every breath.

As the worlds turmoils and tragedy sit heavy on your heart. The beating subsides and you’re no longer able to laugh.

Life squeezed out, your last breath, frozen in time. Memories of your smile, sublime.

Hidden behind that exterior, of a beating warmth from your heart and a face that would light up the dark, your pain and suffering, your guilt and conflict, smothering your glow and stifling your breath.

Heavy chest, no longer can you lay your head on my breast. You have no more breath. Life squeezed from heart. No more will I hear your laugh.

And as I lay in guilt and despair for what the world thinks is fair, you’re far from here. Life lost young. Face filled with sun. My life only just begun.

The confusion, of tragedy, of the importance of breath, of your life and conflicts, your many tests. The smile of a man crazed by fears, of pushing away continual tears, of wanting your life to end here.

My selfishness that I am willing to share. Of wanting humanity to care. If I bare my heart to you now, too late, but maybe that was our fate.

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