Freedom she comes to me in the night,

At first I see her face and I jump in fright,

We’re not often familiar with her care, her staunch strength and beautiful stare.

She lays a kiss on my lips and hushes the squeak with her finger tips.

I love her sight, but fear what she brings with delight.

Freedom, she gathers all in, her plight for justice,

She wants us to walk freely, with chest to the sky, in strength and solidarity.

Free to follow dreams, free to stitch life’s seams.

And when freedom comes, like she always does, we need to see her, feel her, embrace her, and let her plant kisses on our checks…

Freedom lets us embrace her, not chase her, she is here within us, she delivers us.

Let us not be caught in the fighting for freedom, but the loving of what she brings when she comes, lets pull that love toward us.

Freedom comes when we least expect, when we breath deep and release the fret, of all our sighs, fill lungs with our humanly highs.

For freedom is our worldly unity, lets not let her pass us by.

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4 Responses to Freedom

  1. word,,,,, that more people may learn this lesson, inshallah!

  2. desertfeltfish says:

    Very new and fresh view of freedom, goddess

  3. Sylv says:

    Beautiful poem… Freedom she breaths a gentle breath to waken our minds and hearts!

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