look into eye


look into my eyes if you dare,
see soul and surrender,
feel bold and remember.

take your time,
see reflected my feeling intercepted,
by your grace or grievance… remember.
look into eyes if you dare, 
see soul: surrender, 
feel bold: remember. 
this vulnerability, is my gift to you,
open your hand, palm wide and tender,
let me set my heart there gently,
feel it’s weight, light and dense.
nothing but a mirrored reflection,
my feelings intercepted, 
grace or grievance, 
whether chased or followed, 
let me give you my reasons.
fear not tears that fall, 
or flood,
for they lift that boat to fly. 
no longer moored on dry land, 
moist it moves and carries.
spirit soars,
searches across lands, 
acting on the soul’s demands.
look into eyes, I dare you.
see my soul.
be bold, 
what I tell you, 
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2 Responses to look into eye

  1. Sylv says:

    Once again a beautiful, heartfelt piece! it flows sensuously, I would love to hear this piece spoken.

  2. thank you… flows sensuously… I like it!! ❤

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