Talking to myself… to be a writer

I plan to sleep early every night, it makes me feel good. I wake up early, I hear the birds and see the sun low on the horizon, I breathe that early morning air and feel alive.

But I also can’t seem to let my flow of words appear before 11pm.
Its like I need to be lulling myself into a slightly sleepy state before my brain turns its ever aware cognition off and I can just let my conscious flow, stream and trickle down finger tips to keyboard and before words appear on my computer screen.
It’s almost worse if I use a pen and page. It takes longer and in-between time when my hand is trying to catch up, those pauses leave room from that cognition to kick into gear and daydreaming or brain wandering occurs.
To be a writer and sleep past 10am or let words drift past me in my sleep and awake to bird song and those fine rays of sun stream in through cracks and curtains….
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1 Response to Talking to myself… to be a writer

  1. Know the feeling. Something about almost going to bed that gets your words flowing.

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