More gratitude

Its all about letting go, letting in, loving, learning and growth… 2013 yo! Another year to shine and dare greatly… 

I was recently reading some 10 things that I am grateful for and feel that its about time I shared some more moments, some more things, feelings, abilities that I am grateful for and that support my wellbeing and wholeheartedness. Things that make my life worthwhile and beautiful. 
I am grateful for Dr Bonners magic liquid soap, lavender scent, for the memories of being bathed under a water tank, age 6, in Fiji. The other day at my fathers house, we’d run out of dish washing liquid and I remembered seeing Dr Bonners in the bathroom. I started washing dishes and as the scent rose up and into my nasal cavity, my nostrils flared and imagery of tropical Fiji appeared in my minds eye. Images of pineapples growing ever so strangely near the water tank, grass roof huts, dead chickens in door ways and many other beautiful minds eye imagery.
I am grateful for my minds eye… what a phenomenon. The ability of my brain to conjure imagery from scent… 
I am grateful for the people who come into my life and give me gifts of love, who nurture my soul, whose interactions and encounters let me in on some of life’s secrets, opening door ways of opportunity, strengthening my bonds and ties to humanities connectedness and resilience. Grateful for those who mirror who I am, reflect who I am and what I deserve. Remind me of my worthiness. 
I am grateful for the experiences that pulled every emotion and feeling out of me, to the very top layer of my skin, of my being, in which ever hair stood up on end. Whether these feelings be ones of pain, or heartache, sorrow, discomfort, guilt, or of lighter natures in which emotions glowed golden and smiles appeared in eyes, on lips, checks rosy and high. 
I am grateful for the opportunities that await me, for the opportunities of loving, of learning, of letting go and letting in, growth… 
You walked into this life,
and reflected that smile, warmth and empathy,
reminded of the love deserved. 
With big brains and brimming heart, 
souls touched and surrendered. 
And as my light shone, 
you showed me what I was worthy to receive.
Earned of all things beautiful.
Open hearted, ready and willing to shed tears,
sensitive to life’s wonders and the rawness of real.
For your appearance in life I am grateful.
I wish to send a thousand kisses to bring blessings.
Words expressed across waters, 
fingers type keys and etch meanings into energies. 
Thank you. 
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5 Responses to More gratitude

  1. desertfeltfish says:

    teaching open hearts!!

  2. Khadijah Al-Tahira says:

    Yes :)) ❤

  3. Jacky T says:

    This is the kind of post I want to wake up to… daily! 🙂

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