mmm mmm mmm… honey divine.

At a beautiful all female spoken word performance, just days ago, I was honoured to listen, take in, feel and be moved by 13 women, who stood in all their vulnerable courage and shared themselves, their stories, their joys, fears, anger, bliss, melon bursting moments.

I was seated in the front row, looking up legs, across bellies and into eyes.
I performed a piece and noticed in my nervous and vulnerable stance that I placed my hands under my top and against my warm belly strength. I was looking for my own support, and found it in soft flesh and warm skin, the movement of my deep belly breaths.
Afterward as I looked at this knowledge, I watched the performances and women, as their hands went to bellies, I watched bellies quiver in emotion, or heave in angst or anger, curve and sway in love and bliss.
The belly be a beautiful thing and for us ladies a source of so much…
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4 Responses to Bellies

  1. Even when my belly feels like jelly, i own it !!

  2. Jacky T says:

    A pot belly is markedly the most attractive element on a partner to me… true story

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