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Shatter silence, not hearts

Shatter silence, not hearts. Break bread with brothers and sisters, but don’t break down our spirits. Fracture assumptions, but don’t fracture arms or legs. Crack open dark shells so light can enter. Rupture this thick skin we hide behind, but don’t burst … Continue reading

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I am not going to follow…

I don’t want to be a ‘follower’ Constantly ‘reminded’ of social injustices and how to address them, no matter how articulate and charismatic these truths are delivered. I don’t want to be a little sheep, looking up at this beautiful … Continue reading

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Motivational lax

My motivation is lax. I am feeling slack. A sickness of disassociation. Like I can’t face the sun. A fire burns in belly. Sparks of passion want to escape. But its stuck. This self depreciating head wound is oozing. I … Continue reading

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Rain dance

A little poem for a friend: Do a little rain dance, a sway of hips, imagine that rain falling on face, ah, yes, that pure bliss. Each rain drop a kiss, from our lady of this earth. With each rain … Continue reading

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That day…

Please note: *I am generalising, not all women who appeared single looked as though the world was ending, however there was a heavy cloud hanging around, and dirty looks were given to lovers offering public displays of affection. **this was … Continue reading

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Global Hip Hop Collective Topical League

Every fortnight GHC (the Global Hip Hop Collective) have a topical league competition. A topic is given, you have 2 weeks to record a piece (mostly hip hop verses and freestyles to beats) and upload to their Facebook group where … Continue reading

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In Conversation with… SAUL WILLIAMS

♥ The first ever spoken word performance I saw, where I said to myself, I want to do this… was Saul Williams… Now listening to him speak more, cements in concrete my gut and intuitive knowledge that arts is what … Continue reading

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