Global Hip Hop Collective Topical League

Every fortnight GHC (the Global Hip Hop Collective) have a topical league competition. A topic is given, you have 2 weeks to record a piece (mostly hip hop verses and freestyles to beats) and upload to their Facebook group where peeps will ‘Like’ their favourites.

The winner is the one with the most likes and they decide the new topic and it all starts again.

It was created as a way to inspire and challenge continual growth in your own artistic development. Its fun and a great way to push yourself to create. People give you feed back, etc etc…

This is my entry for this fortnight.

I can’t say it is a piece that I think is amazing, but it is a good challenge. I ‘free styled’ the words onto paper and did a two take recording…

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1 Response to Global Hip Hop Collective Topical League

  1. Jacky T says:

    Ahhh the CPR bit got me.. clever shit jess, that raise and fall. then just bam. end. love it

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