Motivational lax

My motivation is lax. I am feeling slack. A sickness of disassociation. Like I can’t face the sun. A fire burns in belly. Sparks of passion want to escape. But its stuck. This self depreciating head wound is oozing. I want to make good stuff. Build earthships. Create a social enterprises. Paste up my artworks on street corner. Choreograph a flash mob on a public transport system. But, self depreciating. This disassociation.

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3 Responses to Motivational lax

  1. desertfeltfish says:

    i got the same lax, is like a systemic tax, that lays us low, makes us feel like we dont know, dissociates us from the flow, ima not gonna give in, my years are advanced, but to give in would be to me……. a sin, lets give good stuff a chance, fat chance you say? nah we will spill it when we are rested and plans can be tested, first paste up drawn down, make it kick that frown, then we go a little larger, no bad feelings will we harbour, go into the light, paste it up, keep up the good and right……fight!

  2. Jacky T says:

    sad and glad to see i have a partner in crime with this one.. :/

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