I am not going to follow…

I don’t want to be a ‘follower’

Constantly ‘reminded’ of social injustices and how to address them, no matter how articulate and charismatic these truths are delivered.

I don’t want to be a little sheep, looking up at this beautiful glowing silvery leader, perched atop the alluring pedestal we have given them.

I don’t want to bleep utterances of “oh your so right, thank the heavens for giving us a leader with such vision”…

Nah, fuck that…

I don’t want to be reminded of any thing… I want to think it and feel it and know it for myself.

I want to sit side by side a leader, who does not remind me of social injustices, but…

A leader who creates dialogue, creating tools to push and challenge and create space for people to feel uncomfortable and think for themselves, comfortably.

I want a leader who makes me question my own assumptions, not feeds me with their own.

I want to see positive change… and change can’t occur with out challenge…

and I can’t be challenged unless I am taught to think on my own…

and I will never think on my own when we pedestal our leaders and


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2 Responses to I am not going to follow…

  1. … I’m so pleased you’re not going to follow, but follow your own to your beat and your tone.
    I’m wrapped you’re not going to follow, your words are the steps of the people’s interests ….
    Looking forward to hearing the spoken some day Jessie xo

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