Shatter silence, not hearts

Shatter silence, not hearts.

Break bread with brothers and sisters, but don’t break down our spirits.

Fracture assumptions, but don’t fracture arms or legs.

Crack open dark shells so light can enter.

Rupture this thick skin we hide behind, but don’t burst my bubble.

Tear down walls, and build strong our bridges.

Rip apart apathy, but don’t snatch at empathy offered.

Let forgiveness be your best friend.

Smile into eyes, and seek souls.

Watch weather balloons, carry love notes to the atmosphere

and watch the love rain down.

Let butterflies lay kisses on your skin, but don’t try to catch them.

Let children sing.

Watch a pot turn hat, turn drum…

Listen to its beat.

See every imperfection as an artwork and every piece of art as perfect.

Ponder creation, the complexities of the unknown.

Think about the intricate nature of a spider web and it’s likeness to the web of our connections.

Hold some ones hand.

Smile at strangers.

Laugh aloud on trains.

Be ready and willing to think.

Coz this world ain’t simple.

I see the fear, the disconnect.

Strip it down to love.

Real simple.

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