Full Moon Woman Video Clip

On Thursday the 25th April, the full moon was playing havoc with every thing, my emotions, my cognition, my body… I wrote a cathartic poem, to try to push through it all.

I posted in on facebook and within 2 hours the beautiful Jeevi Ka (Nomadicstatic – http://nomadicstatic.wordpress.com) sent me an SMS: “Woman. You best be coming over tonight. Your poem has inspired my senses. I’ve been filming and I have a very simple idea for a clip that we can finish tonight.”

Two hours later I was at her warehouse, we climbed the roof of the warehouse next door, I striped naked, under the beautiful full moon and filmed this.

It was the most beautiful and cathartic process, of breaking out of my comfort zone and creating art from heart. Biggest thanks and love and gratitude to Jeevi Ka, Kim Suree, Sylvie Giles, Marlon Porter, Liam Monkhouse, Jacky T and Mel Balkan, for their support, love and inspiring me to be me!!

Here it is… here I am…

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4 Responses to Full Moon Woman Video Clip

  1. I really like this. I’m nervous to try it but I really want to!
    Well done.

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