Phone aversion – for Jacky T

I have an aversion to phone conversations, 

like I can talk to one of my sista girls, or my mumma, 
or like my favourite brother boy… 
but some one I have just meet or a business conversation,
or a “lets meet on the corner of johnston and brunswick”,
freaks me out, 
can’t do it.
And its a new thing. 
Like a new form of social anxiety,
formed from the over use of text messages and Facebook. 
I have always suffered from some form of social anxiety, 
but the phone has always been safe. 
You can’t see them, 
can’t read body language, 
they can’t see your blushing face,
or nail biting. 
I don’t know whats happened. 
In the past I have been told I have “the best phone manner/voice/professionalism, in the workplace/business/department”.
Now I can’t get a job coz I never answer the phone to number I don’t know.
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