She Rose

OS 2010 762

she roses, red,

she roses, bleed,

light, the moon shine on a rotten day,

she shone forever and never said.


she roses, soft,

she roses, never lost,

sweet scent,

wind blows and bends,

forever and never spent.


she roses, supple,

she roses, linger not, cautious, content,

she roses, like a wicked lament.


she roses, whisper,

she roses, kiss her,

she roses, sparkle mighty.


she roses, night fall,

she roses, coupled,

she roses, supple,

she roses all the way.


those pinks and purples, tonal hues.

those red and orange, some times blues.


she roses thorny,

she roses thick,

she rose mighty, gnarly,

bring blood to the surface, quick.


she roses, like thee I love,

she roses like thee I must.


she roses, me, like pink cheeked beauty,

she roses, me, like sweet jasmine, honey suckle and red wine,

she roses, me, like water droplet, this time.


roses, against that night time spent…

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