under the bridge

The other night, a dear friend and I set our selves the challenge to write poems of a choosen theme in 10 minutes… the rules where as follows:

1. Get one of the boys from our home away from home, the Ovens Street Massive, to provide us with a topic

2. Set the egg timer for 10 minutes

3. Ready, steady, and… write!!!

My previous post ‘She Roses’ was the first poem that was created… this one is the second… the third and final poem I wrote during our challenge may never be shared… The theme was potato, though some how I managed to write a poem about sex. BUT back to the current poem I am posting, which the theme was ‘under the bridge’.

under the bridge:

hidden and covered, hidden beloved,
he was hiding under the bridge of fame.
softly spoke,
he awoken,
she solemn.
time couldn’t tell the story,
only lovers games.
under the bridge they hide out,
watch star lights bright.
held each other tight,
but time was softly,
she said to him, you lost me.
he, cost and spent, free.
under the bridge, matter, must, contend.
feel lovely again.
she surrendered.
allow the time to wallow.
under the bridge she watched,
the tide come and go.
simple, watching,
simple, waiting,
simple, contemplating,
with each breath,
and moon tide,
she soft at night.
Under the bridge he waited,
for her smile to present,
simple wonderment,
simple recklessness,
simple content,
no mess.
they came together, lovers never.
only willing to recede.
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2 Responses to under the bridge

  1. desertdates says:

    Love this! So gentle!

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