Tehehe (laughing aloud at your own thoughts)

Another mate of mine (she is in New Zealand), and I, are doing this other writing challenge thingy… This one is where every day for 4 (four) weeks we write 31 (thirty one) simple pleasures. Then each day we choose one of these 31 (thirty one) simple pleasures and write for 5 minutes on it… Tehehe… Today was the first day… Tehehe…

This is what I wrote:

And that one is random laughing aloud at my own thoughts. Those moments in time when you’re so caught up in you’re own brain games and brain farts and all of a sudden you’re aware of some wack, or crazy, or intense thought in yo brain, that you just start laughing aloud. When you really crack yourself up, and life seems not so serious. The corners of your mouth start to curl upward as you’re becoming aware of the hilarity of the thought and then bam! Full blown mouth sputtering laughter. It’s hard when you’re on public transport and you accidentally spit on the person opposite you, who looks at you like you’re a lunatic, which causes more laughter and you just want to tell them you are sorry, but you can’t… Through the laughter. And you try to stifle it to a giggle… Times up… Shit!! ❤

(It is REALLY fun!!) tehehe…

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2 Responses to Tehehe (laughing aloud at your own thoughts)

  1. helenmidgley says:

    Oh I do this too, sometimes I think I’m a little bit weird (and I think others do too) I can laugh to myself several times a day, over nothing really but yet I chuckle and I think its in my head but then people look and I realise I did it out loud, then put my head down and laugh at myself laughing. I try for humour in my writing and find myself watching people read it and waiting for the smirk, if it doesn’t come I’m gutted and think well maybe it wasn’t that funny after all….. I’m liking your blog 🙂

    • I think the only person we have to impress in our writing, is ourselves.. if you can make you laugh with what you have written then its a success 🙂

      Its good to know there are a few of us out there though!! hehehehe… look forward to having a chuckle at your blog!!

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