Simple Pleasures – Lists

Another 5 minute writing challenge on a simple pleasure:

So its a great simple pleasure of mine to write lists, lists of things to do, lists of thing I want, lists of books to read, lists of uni assignments, lists of xmas presents I need to buy or presents I want to receive, lists of pros and cons of prospective lovers, lists of my ideal lover, lists of things I want to change in me, lists of simple pleasure… you get the point. I do especially like lists of things to do or get or read… so that when the task is complete I can cross it off or ‘tick’ it, accomplished. Accomplished, that very pleasurable experience of being awesome. Doing some thing fulfilling. Yes. Accomplished. I sort of would like to write a list now, but I will await my 5 minutes complete. I only have a minute to go. Time goes so fast when you have to write to a topic. But back to lists quickly. My favourite list currently is one of simple pleasures. I love thinking about what makes me smile and feel pleasure. And there are lots of things that inspire and evoke that feeling. Some I fear I can’t share. But of the joy in writing it all out. Makes me smile big. hmmm… 5 minutes is up… boo.

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