Oh for the love of dags!!

I am a dag of the most inspiring variety, I wouldn’t want to be any thing other. Those who are ‘cool’ are annoying. But dags, my god they are beautiful. All adorkable and shit. Did you know that I told a linguist friend about the word adorkable and he has started using it and during one of his uni classes, he used it to teach the idea that language is fluid and new words are constantly and continuously coming into being. I think that is beautiful. I love words. I love dags. I love language. There is some thing so warm and fuzzy inside feeling about dags. That awesome sauce don’t give a fuck rad-ness. Ya know. Makes me smile from my intestines to the tip of my nose. Thats how good dags are. And you might ask, what describes a dag? Well for me, a dag is a person I love with all my being. They are quirky and cute and adorably dorky, but sooooo fucking awesome sauce, like a super funky geek, or a hyperactive adult child who just loves life with all feverous passion and artistic strive. Make sense? Ya know what I am talking about. Dags. Fucking Love Them!

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2 Responses to Oh for the love of dags!!

  1. So, if all dags are zags and all zags are kags then are all dags, kags? Very cool.

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