Tuesday 13th

I decided to do some thing a little different today, with my simple pleasures list and 5 minute writing challenge… I threw rules to the wind and just played… flowed actually. I just let what needed to happen, happen. 
This is what happened. 
Tuesday 13th August – a list
  1. Some times lists of simple pleasures can be painful reminders of shit that ain’t so simple.
  2. Some times simple pleasures can be sensory experience that go beyond words expression. 
  3. Some times simple pleasures are nothing but neuronal firing and neurotransmitter stuffs.
  4. Some times we forget our simple pleasures.
  5. We get caught in the brain numbing loop, loop, loop, loop, loop.
  6. Downward spiralling, downward, ever more downward, can’t come up for even air.
  7. And then just when we think we will hit rock bottom.
  8. A little bird swoop past and shits on our head.
  9. Nothing more than simple, pure, unadulterated pleasurable laughter.
  10. Maybe a little swearing first. 
  11. But laughter all the same.
  12. Snap.
  13. We’re back.
  14. Smiling that ever sweet smile.
  15. Cackling that ever sweet cackle.
  16. Time will tell stories.
  17. Like that pleasure of getting caught in the rain.
  18. Running.
  19. So wet, it isn’t worth it.
  20. Soaked right through. 
  21. But we still run.
  22. Pissed off, but laughing, smiling, simple pleasure, simple wonderment, simple.
  23. It’s better when it is warm.
  24. Or you can eventually find your way to a warm place.
  25. Strip off clothes, sticky. 
  26. Stand by heater flame, or curl up under blanket.
  27. There may be tears.
  28. But that is cathartic. 
  29. That is just your brains way of cleaning out the bad view so when you awake a new you can see clearly. 
  30. Simple pleasure. 
  31. Simple. 
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