I made a zine/chapbook/poetry thingy

I have actually published a real hardcopy, paper and ink, ‘zine’, small book of poetry, chapbook, what ever you’d like to call it!

It’s titled ‘She Sat: a small collection’

I’m excited.

It’s awesome.

You want one.

Yes you do.

How do you get one you ask!!!


Head to PayPal send $10AUD to dustforthedancers@gmail.com. Put ‘she sat’ in the subject heading and your postal address and I’ll send you one ASAP!! OR come to my next gig if your in Melbourne Australia.

I’m happy to post internationally however I ask for an extra $5AUD for postage.


About dustforthedancers

Poet, creative, cultural and community seeder, feeder, maybe one day I'll be a leader. Of my own path at least...
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2 Responses to I made a zine/chapbook/poetry thingy

  1. lisarcharles says:

    Can’t wait 🙂

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