going fishing

I had a lapse in my daily writing challenge… the simple pleasures one… But I am back, from ‘going fishing’
going fishing
I haven’t done it in years. 
But it brings such joy.
Real, sea salt up the nose, rush, joy, 
ya know the type?
Or like when you eat a really fresh oyster,
and you feel that same sort of rush?
I am allergic to oysters, so I have only felt that rush twice, 
which makes me now wonder whether,
that rush is actually the pleasurable experience of eating oysters, 
OR, my allergic reaction???
Any way, going fishing. 
Its rad. 
Rad is one of my new favourite words, 
I use to think it was wanky, 
BUT, I now love it. 
Its totally rad and makes me feel awesome. 
Especially when you are fishing on a boat, 
on the sea, 
waves hitting your slightly sun kissed skin, 
soothing it momentarily,
until the salt turns dry and starts to sting.
Or that moment when you actually get a fish on the end of your line. 
All else stops.
Every one else stops.
Its all about you, 
and your fish. 
The adrenaline of ensuring you actually got it on your hook, 
pulling it in, 
will it stay,
or are you going to lose it. 
Fishing, fucking bomb digity, 
Bomb digity is another one of my favourite expressions. 
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