Days like these

It’s days like these that have me smiling sadly.

That keep a grin on my face without falling.

Smile forced and stained with silent and dry tears.

Confusion reigns or rains.

Heavy chest needs cracking open, but how?

An appreciation for company, when I want to be alone.

Never quite quick enough to jump on opportunities rising. Then falling.

Swiftly. Sadly. Surely. Slowly.

But I am awake.

My eyes open.

My heart beating softly.

Summer time comes in drifts and drabs.

If only constant.

As my yearning.

A space left empty, amongst books and dripping candle wax.

Waning. Waiting. Wondering.

Ripples of love’s tide, returning.

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3 Responses to Days like these

  1. Beautiful words. Thanks Jessie xo CC

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