Gratitude and all things gushy…

It has been a while since I shared upon these screened pages of the interweb. I have recently returned from Bali, Indonesia, where I rested, connected, shared smiles and laughter, made new family and was inspired. This is some thing I wrote while I was there.

It is in these pages that life forgets it’s meaning.

Where simple pleasures mingle with simple pain.

All makes sense and is at peace.

Only so, either way we look we see solitude and friendship in plain pages and inked lines.

Moments pass and the promise of uncertainty entertains us.

Whether feared or failing to see further, we linger, in the single breath of our existence.

Moments paused upon to breathe deep the smells that delight.

A swallow flits above tiled roof lines, eating up those that hover above the lights.

The moon shines through a haze, of smoke or cloud, it is unknown, but the knowledge not needed.

My silence and solitude is greeted with a sigh of relief.

And as the waves lap at the shore line, I smile at all the laughing eyes and grinning teeth that have shared themselves so intimately.

Tears fall fondly of a universal love and I give thanks for all that I have been honoured to hold.

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1 Response to Gratitude and all things gushy…

  1. Jacky T says:

    really connect to this at present, great write jessie

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