Catch my love poem

Generosity lies within every smile, teeth bared brightly.

Wide eyes wink gratitude for a moment shared.

Steps increase in buoyancy, bounce and belly rises in a uprising of butterfly wings.

That heart set a flutter, and flushes crimson.

As crimson as my cheeks when we met.

I’ll never write love poems, for the weight would wear too heavy.

My love extends past the lines of romance and relationship.

Spills over into humanity too quickly.

Too many heart beats skipped over and shortness of breath too suffocating.

So I prance around the periphery intent on injecting understanding where I can.

And my love poems will be witnessed, not in the reading of written words, or heard uttered beneath battering eye lashes and whispers softly.

They will but be substantiated in actions of gratitude, eyes wide open and willing to witness, empathy rising.

You’ll see them when we lock eyes, even for a moment.

And smile.

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