Some new writing…

We paint the skies with our ignorance.

Too scared to feel the sun for the sun,
And the moon for the moon.

Our knowledge is bound up in an existence of incomplete,
Unaware of where we can take it,
How deep the depth of our connection.

Afraid to drop too far in.

Staying on the surface for air,
But our breath shallow.

Constricted by a movement driven from our weakness,
Afraid to let go and give into that driving pull,
That humanity.

We’ve lost touch,
We’ve lost smell,
Lost our kinaesthetic appreciation.

Afflicted by our desire to see,
Close eyes quickly in fright.

And we allow a clouded vision.

Flitter from concept to concept,
Blinking rapidly.

Tip toe through concrete jungles,
Wishing our numbed bodies where nimble.

Able to fly through forest tops.

Dive the extent of the undergrowth.

Swim beneath bottomless wonderment.

We fear the existence of life,
Of love,
Of what we have to offer.

Standing on the brink of man made extinction,
Toes hovering over the edge.
Peeping downward,
Ever downward…

But with a want to see all,
Stand tall in our vulnerability.

Reach out,
Finger tips touching.

Poking and prodding a thing of the past.

Holding hearts out stretched at last.

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1 Response to Some new writing…

  1. Mel Balkan says:

    wow jessie, i kept wanting to copy and paste sentences that smacked me back to you, but then i would have been sending back the entire poem!! i really really hear and feel and know what you write, in fact i stopped half way through to open my blinds, just to let this full moon into my window and naturally so. Thank you darlin. I hope you embody your writing in this lifetime. you capture a sense of today and now quite perfectly. Don’t you stop writing and sharing and schredding theses layers girl xx

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