What do you see?

What do you see reflected when you look into my eyes.

Do you see reflected too far past your disguise?

Past all your self inflicted lies?

Or allowing too deep the healing?

Bringing up boiling the deep seated feelings?

Moments of peripheral meaning?

Steal too much of your keening?

My wide eyes beaming, straight to your soul?

An acknowledgement of mercy, that neither of us have any control?

Or do we?

Past that you and me, he and she.

Those intimacies of vulnerability.

And a fear rising.

Tears falling.

Smile peaking.

A love too intense.

What is it that you see when you look into my eyes?

Relentless compromise?

Of suffering and longing?

An assumption of too strong?

What is it, what do you see?

A sense of my need to be free?

My need to be free?

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