Favourite opportunity 

I’ve learnt that one of my favourite opportunities in life,
Is picking up the pieces of my broken and shattered heart,
And putting it back together, 

Just giving myself the time. 
Using tears and late nights,

To weave gold around the sharp edges,

And rose petal pink glue to stick each piece in its place.
I don’t get it perfect, 

but with each time I’m getting better, 

I’m moulding it, expanding it, adding to it.
I’m learning which fault lines need reinforcing. 
I’m learning the parts I need to massage and soften. 
I’m pulling out thorns left there long ago.
And don’t get me wrong, it’s tedious and can hurt a whole lot.
Moments where I want to give up and just hurl the pieces into the ocean or off the edge of a huge cliff, wishing I’ll never see it again. 
Moments I don’t like what I’ve created and want to break it all over again so I can try to get it right.
But it feels so good when it’s done and you look at your creation, when you can test it out for the first time. 
And that’s another favourite opportunity. 

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2 Responses to Favourite opportunity 

  1. Ailsa says:

    I love this. thakyou sis. Sums it all up so well.

  2. Jacky T says:

    love it

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