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Eye Spy

I spy with my little eye, This is the story of a little girls cry. It’s a sad sad tale, I hope that she can prevail, inhale and let go of all the despair.  Be prepared, because this will tear, … Continue reading

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Packing   She wanted to fit her life in a suitcase, up and go at any moment, of time, or whim, or wonder, or window of opportunity.   But the baggage would only ever pile up high, filling every crack … Continue reading

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Why I left Facebook…

I recently left Facebook (about 20 hours ago) and it has been one of the most liberating experiences. I write about it here Why I left Facebook…. I am not judging those who wish to stay, but just sharing why … Continue reading

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a new blog

I have started a new blog… another blog… a blog which encompasses all those which are my passions… if you like my poetry, check out my other blog…  Empathetic Narratives Do tell what you think, feel, see, understand… 

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A poet?

I haven’t posted much new stuff lately, partly because I have been caught in the self deprecation cycle of “I ain’t a poet, I have no skill” and my poetry sucks, partly because I haven’t been writing and partly because I … Continue reading

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Sisters for Sisters

I will be performing at this on the 24th September. Love to see all you Melbourne peeps there!!

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Love, he never

Pleasurable pain is some thing, he never learnt to love. And so, love, he never.

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going fishing

I had a lapse in my daily writing challenge… the simple pleasures one… But I am back, from ‘going fishing’     going fishing   I haven’t done it in years.  But it brings such joy. Real, sea salt up … Continue reading

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I made a zine/chapbook/poetry thingy

I have actually published a real hardcopy, paper and ink, ‘zine’, small book of poetry, chapbook, what ever you’d like to call it! It’s titled ‘She Sat: a small collection’ I’m excited. It’s awesome. You want one. Yes you do. … Continue reading

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Tuesday 13th

I decided to do some thing a little different today, with my simple pleasures list and 5 minute writing challenge… I threw rules to the wind and just played… flowed actually. I just let what needed to happen, happen.    … Continue reading

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